Demo Tips

    Mango Demos made easy

    Step 1: Squeeze Gently to Judge Ripeness

    • Slightly soft = ready to eat
    • Firmer = ripen at room temperature for another day
    • Color is not the best indicator of ripeness - choose by feel

    Step 2: Slice and Scoop Mango Cutting

    • Always cut the mangos in full view of shoppers so they can learn how
    • Always wear gloves when cutting the mangos
    • Do not try to peel the mango!
    • Each mango has a large flat seed in the center of the fruit
    • Find the little bump along the narrow edge of the fruit
    • Find the bump that is the mango's "eye", and the seed is always right in line with the eye
    • Place the mango on the cutting board with the eye looking up at you
    • Follow the pictures below
    • After step #2, cut additional slices in the other direction to make a checkerboard pattern
    • When you scoop out the mango flesh with a tablespoon, it will already be cubed and ready to serve

    Step 3: Know Your Mangos

    • Mangos are the most popular fruit in the world
    • Mangos are a superfruit - bursting with antioxidants and over 20 different vitamins and minerals
    • Each one-cup serving of mango provides:
    • 100% of your daily vitamin C
    • 35% of your daily vitamin A
    • 12% of your daily fiber
    • Just 100 calories
    • Mangos are grown in tropical regions and most of the mangos we get in the U.S. come from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti
    • In the continental U.S., small mango crops are grown in California and Florida
    • Great mangos are available all year-round
     Step 4: Go the Extra Mango Mile
    • Encourage shoppers to visit www.mango.org for a mango cutting video, mango recipes, nutrition info, kids activities and more
    • Judging ripeness and cutting the mangos will be easy with just a bit of practice
    • Taste a sample from each mango you cut to ensure great flavor and great sales
    • Do not include any bruised or mushy parts of the mango in your samples
    • The National Mango Board is your client. We represent all fresh mangos from all countries. If more than one variety is on display in the store, be sure to include them all in your sampling