Mango Bin Program


    Help Drive Sales With Mango Bins

    A limited number of mango bins may be ordered by mango shippers on a first come, first served basis, using this form. This order system will be closed as soon as all bins have been reserved. This year, 1,000 bins will be available for mango suppliers.  All bins must be ordered in advance, prior to the production run.

    The NMB retail team will be offering mango bins to many of our retail partners. Our goal for this year is to place at least 5,000 mango bins with retailers. The additional bins being offered to mango shippers will provide a way for smaller retailers to participate in the mango bin program.

    2018 Mango Bin Details

    Order deadline, delivery dates & quantities:

    • Order by March 6, 2018
    • Ship dates starting April 23, 2018
    • Up to 100 bins per company

    Mango Messaging That Sells:

    • Mango education that will overcome shoppers’ barriers to purchase
    • Colorful, high-quality graphics that will stop shoppers in their tracks

    Mango Display construction:

    • Durable corrugated construction with aqueous coating for added strength
    • Black plastic bottom tray protects the display from mops and spills
    • Five sliding casters (pre-attached) make it easy to move, even when fully loaded 
    • Display sets up easily in less than 5 minutes, instruction sheet included

    Bin Specs

    • 24"x 16" footprint
    • 5" deep product tray
    • 36" overall height
    • Holds approximately 8 to 12 cases of mangos

    Mango bin program guidelines:

    1. Please offer the bins to your smaller retailers that do not get promotional funding from the National Mango Board. Please see the list of 2018 funded retail partners and DO NOT ship bins to any retailers or wholesalers on that list.
    2. A single company may order up to 100 bins 
    3. A mango shipper operating under multiple trade names or in multiple locations is considered a single company for the purposes of bin distribution.
    4. All bins will be shipped to your U.S. facility for distribution to your retailers. No shipments outside the continental U.S.
    5. The total quantity of bins ordered per company will be shipped to a single address in a single shipment.
    6. There is no cost to you for the bins or for shipping to your facility. This program is funded through mango assessments.