From Hobby to Full Time Family Farm

    Overlooking the Caribbean Sea along Puerto Rico’s arid, subtropical southern coastline is family-owned Martex Farms. What started as a hobby over 25 years ago for Venancio C. Marti’ (“Veny, Sr.”), founder and president of Martex Farms, has now grown into a family business with approximately 80,000 mango trees spanning nearly 2,500 acres, a packing plant, a processing plant, and more than 375 employees.  Members of the Marti’ family are involved in the day-to-day operations of Martex Farms, including Veny Sr.’s brother, Gustavo, and son and daughter, Veny, Jr. and Maria Rosa.  With great care and hands-on attention to detail, Martex Farms is recognized for quality and innovation.


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