Pickling Mangos


    Mangos, a fruit commonly found around the world, is also commonly pickled around the world – who would have thought? It may come as a shock to many, since mangos are widely known as a sweet treat, and pickles are known as a salty topping, but don’t be fooled, this sweet fruit makes a mean pickle.

    So what is the pickling process exactly?

    Pickling is a method to preserve a food’s shelf life through fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. Essentially, pickling creates an environment where harmful bacteria cannot survive, while also preserving the integrity of the vegetables (or fruit!).

    What can you pickle?

    You can pickle pretty much any vegetable and most fruits, including mango!

    What could I do with pickled mango?

    Great question. Pickled mango, consumed in many countries, is often used as a topping to meals (like most pickles). Pickled mangos go great on falafels, couscous, curried dishes, chicken, fish, or over vegetables!

    How long does the pickling process take?

    Surprisingly not long at all. Picking mangos can take a little as 24 hours, or as long as one week, it all depends on the recipe and your own personal preferences.

    What mangos can I pickle?

    Kents and Hadens are commonly used for pickling, along with green unripe mangos. Most pickled mango recipes require unripe, very firm mangos.

    What does pickled mango taste like?

    The taste, whether salty, sour, or sweet, all depends on the ingredients and recipe you use. We’ve listed a handful of recipes to consider when deciding to pickle your mangos:

    Pickled Mango with Ginger – Chiles and fresh ginger give this recipe a good kick.

    Aam ka achar – A spicy Indian pickle bursting with flavor and spice.

    Li Hing Pickle Mango – A tangy Hawaiian recipe made with green mangoes, brown sugar and Li Hing powder.

    Shoyu Mango – Another Hawaiian recipe, defined as robust, salty and sour.

    Avakaya – An Indian favorite, known for its spice.


    For more mango recipes, head over to our recipe page for the best meals, treats, and snacks!



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