Mangos in Israel


    Israel, a country with rich historical influence, flourishes in produce and diverse cuisine. From Middle Eastern to Mediterranean influences, the Israeli palate is a holistic menu, abundant with legumes, fish, mangos, and much more.
    Israel is home to many unique mango varieties, beginning the season in May and lasting until October each year. The Israeli climate offers a variety of cultivation, with hills providing cooler areas for figs and olives, and coastal plain yielding suitable conditions for citrus trees. The extent of produce in Israeli is nearly endless with its unique geography.
    In Israel, mangos grow mostly in the subtropical climate near the Sea of Galilee and in the Jordan River Valley. Mango trees are also found in Israelis’ backyards, as it’s common to grow fruit trees for easy access. For many Israelis, mangos are enjoyed fresh for a snack or frozen as a sorbet.
    The Israeli palate also includes mangos in many fusion dishes and often as a condiment. The popular sauce Amba is a mango pickle condiment made with vinegar, chili, salt, fenugreek, mustard, and cumin. This savory and spicy topping accompanies Israeli meals like sabich, shawarma, falafel or kebabs. Click here to get a great Amba recipe from From the Grapevine.
    The use of mangos in Israel continues to grow, and natives have become more impassioned about promoting and growing mangos. Recently, mango growth for exportation has proved beneficial for Europe. Israeli growers are motivated to grow unique and superior mangos for the world to enjoy.



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