Nine Ways To Use The Mango Seed

    There are so many excellent uses for mangos. Some companies use the scent of a mango in relaxation candles, other companies add the sweet mango flavor to liven up beverages. But very rarely do you see the seed of a mango being used. We’re here to tell you about the top nine ways to use the mango seed so you can get the most out of your mango.

    1. Paper weight for important documents

    Tired of your important documents flying away due to powerful AC fans? Use a mango seed as a paperweight.

    2. Clean your window

    Freshen up your room with the sweet smell of mango. Spray your window cleaner on you window and trade your towel for a mango seed. The seed spreads the mango scent across the entire room.

    3. Stain blender

    Stains are the worst. If you get a food stain on your shirt, blend the stain with a mango seed. It may not get the stain out but it will make the stain smell delicious.


    4. Drink flavoring

    Add a little flavor to your drink by adding a mango seed.

    5. Spoon to scoop peanut butter

    Can’t find a spoon but have a mango seed? Put that mango seed to use by scooping a helping of your favorite peanut butter.

    6. Game of toss

    Enjoy a game of toss with a friend by using a mango seed.

    7. Corn hole

    Oh, no! Someone ran off with the corn hole sandbags again. Don’t worry, a mango seed is the perfect solution.

    8. Weights at the gym

    Are you finding that the weights at the gym are too heavy? Trade out your weights for two mango seeds and start getting the results you want.

    9. Notepad

    No need to waste money on office stationery. Mango seeds make perfect notepads and they’re good for the environment.


    Happy April Fool’s Day




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