Strategic Plan and Budget

    The National Mango Board uses a strategic plan, developed by the board members, to ensure the best interests of the mango industry are being served and the funds are being invested wisely.

    The following priorities provide the framework for the NMB’s programs from 2015 to 2017. The strategic plan is revisited every three years to make sure the organization is still working toward the right goals. Each year, specific marketing, research and communications projects are developed to work toward these key objectives. To learn more about how the NMB works to fulfill these objectives, and view project highlights and results, check out the quarterly Strategic Plan Update Summary, available in the downloads tab below. To learn more about how the NMB operates click here to view the NMB Institutional Video.

    2015 - 2017 National Mango Board Strategic Priorities

    1. Direct to consumer marketing to increase mango consumption and awareness
      • Education initiatives
      • Consumer research
      • Nutrition-focused messaging
      • Multi-media strategies – print, social, etc.
    2. Increase presence and sell-through of mangos at retail
      • Education initiatives
      • Retail promotions for whole and fresh-cut mangos
      • Ripe and ready-to-eat efforts
      • Sustainability
      • Data/insights
      • Nutrition messaging
      • Crop forecast
    3. Increase presence and sell-through of mangos at foodservice
      • Education initiatives
      • Chef/operator engagement
      • Foodservice promotions
      • Fresh-cut efforts
      • Sustainability initiatives
      • Data/insights
    4. Generate knowledge through research efforts in support of the vision
      • Health and nutrition research
      • Varietal research
      • Ripe and ready-to-eat efforts
      • Quality focused research
      • Sustainability
      • Alternatives to hot water treatment
      • Fresh-cut
      • Food safety
      • Other research initiatives – includes research about processed mangos
    5. Enhance industry communication and preparedness to create a unified industry
      • ​​Education initiatives around quality, food safety, etc.
      • Industry outreach and communication
      • Reputation and crisis communication
      • Sustainability efforts
      • Outreach to processing facilities
      • Crop forecast


    Since the National Mango Board (NMB) was formed in 2005, the group has been working to increase mango consumption in the United States, and striving to measure the impact of the program.

    From the number of mango samples served to runners at a marathon event, all the way up to the total value of all mango imports; the NMB sets goals, measures outcomes and evaluates results every step of the way

    Check out the comprehensive 2016 Annual Report for an overview of last year's activities at the NMB, with updates and results of marketing and research programs.