Nutrition & Health Research

    The Nutrition and Health program is designed to provide information about the phytochemical compounds and nutritive value of the main mango varieties consumed in the U.S. and its relation with human health. It includes the following projects:

    Nutrition Science Advisor

    • Engage a nutrition science advisor(s) to provide input on the development of a strategic plan, the request for proposals process, and proposal evaluation
    • Develop a quarterly project tracker
    • Establish and implement standard procedures and format quarterly reports
    • Participate in quarterly nutrition research committee meetings

    Cardiovascular Health Study

    • Determine if two weeks of daily mango intake will result in favorable changes to the vascular function associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in healthy and at-risk adults.

    Bioavailability and pharmacokinetics

    • Determine the bioavailabilty and pharmacokinetics of mango's main phytochemical constituent and their metabolites over extended time (24h) and chronic feeding, including the Gallotannins and Gallic Acid (and variations therein) as well as carotenoids
    All nutrition studies funded by the NMB use mangos that are readily available to U.S. consumers, meaning that common varieties and hot water treated mangos are used.
    The discovery of new, positive health benefits from eating mangos could have a major impact on future mango sales. In this age of health-conscious consumers, nutrition messages are extremely powerful as a marketing tool. Consumers are hungry for news about how to stay healthier longer. Combined with the delicious flavor of mangos, nutrition messages may be a big win for the mango industry.
    Check out the related research links below for the latest results from the NMB’s nutrition research program. For each project, a detailed project report is posted, along with an easy-to-read executive summary.


    • Colon Cell Absorption Human Study - (Project currently in progress)
    • Colon Cancer Human Study -  (Project currently in progress)
    • Diabetes Human Study - (Project currently in progress)
    • Colon & Breast Cell Culture Study - (Project currently in progress)
    • Breast Cancer Preliminary Human Study - (Project currently in progress)