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With Dessert You’ll Want Mangos

Here at the National Mango Board, we believe dessert is best served with mangos. Whether in cakes, ice-cream or just by themselves, mangos make the perfect dessert treat. This week, we are exploring the realm of frozen desserts to cool off the hot summer days that lie ahead. This recipe for Mango Cardamom Granita is in the same family as Italian ice and sorbet, and is originally from Sicily. Traditional Granita is a coarser version of its relatives, with a more crystalline texture. The desired texture does change, however, depending on the region. For example in Palermo, a west coast island, it is served very chunky whereas in the east it’s smooth like sorbet. Our Mango Cardamom Granita recipe may not be a traditional flavor, but we’re sure it would win the Sicilian stamp of approval! 

If the summer has you feeling more adventurous and ready for a new flavor experience, try try Chef Allen Susser’s Mango Chow-Chow with Sweet Chili Dust. This dessert is a surprising blend of both hot and cold, especially when served over lime sorbet with a gingersnap cookie. The flavor combinations are sensational extremes of one another. This dessert pairing is zesty, sweet and spicy, all in one bite. It’s also the perfect dessert for using unripe to barely ripe mangos that you just can’t wait to eat! Don’t limit the Mango Chow-Chow to just dessert, however, and use this recipe as inspiration for other dishes where the flavor of unripe mangos might also pair nicely.  Have fun experimenting!  
The possibilities of culinary creativity with mangos are endless. For more mango recipe inspiration and tips, check out our website and our pin boards on Pinterest.  The taste takes you there!
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