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Aarti Sequeira’s Tropical Mango Recipes

The National Mango Board is thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with Aarti Sequeira, Food Network Star Season 6 winner and host of Aarti Party Food Network Cooking Series! As usual, Aarti has outdone herself and created wonderfully unique mango-themed recipes. Born in Bombay, India, Aarti is very familiar with the beloved mango. Not surprising since the mango is a symbol of love in India and was first grown there ages ago (approximately 5,000 years).

Needless to say, Aarti is a pro at cooking with mangos and is sharing her knowledge during the National Mango Board’s Satellite and Internet Media Tour today. Aarti is demonstrating how to use the world’s most popular fruit, mangos, in your dishes at home. Here’s what Aarti has to say about the four fun recipes she created for the National Mango Board:Aarti Sequeira

Mango-Rum Barbecue Sauce
"We are all so used to seeing mangos used as a sweet ingredient… How about something savory? This barbecue sauce is so flexible; it works on lighter meats like chicken, pork and fish, but it also stands up to lamb and beef. Consider slathering it on a burger, and sprinkling with feta cheese. Or smother on some grilled vegetables (mmm, asparagus) for a little tang!"

Mangalore Salad
"My family comes from a small town on the West coast of India called Mangalore. There are rice paddies and coconut trees galore there, and being on the coast, plenty of fish. In fact, whenever we had a spicy fish curry, my mum or my aunt would make a simple, refreshing salad of cucumbers dressed in lime juice, cilantro and Serrano peppers; it’s so delicious and always makes me think of warm sea breezes. Don’t let the Serrano pepper intimidate you; I don’t like things too spicy either. Try using just a little because their slightly bitter flavor really enhances the sweetness of the mango."

Mango Lassi
"This Mango-Lime-Almond Yogurt Cooler blends together unique ingredients such as ground cardamom, almond essence and of course, mangos. I like to think that my ancestors came up with the idea of blending yogurt, water, sugar and fruit pulp to make the original smoothie, but who knows!  Lassi, pronounced LA-(as in, la-di-da)-see, is served not only as a way to cool your body down on hot days, but also as a digestive aid. These days, I like to sip on them as a snack between meals. These flavors make me think of spring time: flowers blooming, bees a-buzzing making delicious honey, and fruit just starting to burst forth."

Marigold Mango Rice Pudding
"This is not your grandmother’s rice pudding. Heck, it’s not even MY grandmother’s rice pudding!  The simple addition of mango lends a tropical flair to this ol’ dessert, and the combination of saffron and edible flowers makes it the stuff of royalty!  If you can’t afford the saffron, or can’t find it, skip it. That goes for the flowers too. The mango alone is enough to transform this traditionally humble dessert into something very special."

Let Aarti and the National Mango Board take you on a tropical, mango vacation in your kitchen and visit our website for more tips and recipes.

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