Mango Crop Update

    Posted: November 17, 2017

    Mango shipments are expected to peak moving into the final week of December at 2.5 million boxes, compared to 2016’s peak of 2 million.

    Ecuador’s season is projected to peak the last two weeks of November at 1.69 million boxes. The Ecuador season is expected to end week 2 in January with a total of 14.2 million boxes, compared to 2016’s 12.4 million boxes. Ecuador is primarily shipping Tommy Atkins.

    Peru’s season begins mid-November and is expected to end late March. The Peru season is expected to peak mid-late January at 2 million boxes. Total shipment projection for the season is 15.2 million boxes, compared to the same volume in 2016, consistently primarily of the Kent variety.

    For more information, visit mango.org/crop