Ataulfo Now Recognized as "Honey" in the U.S.

    Posted: March 02, 2017

    Since the "Ataulfo" name has been repeatedly reported as hard to pronounce for U.S. consumers, retailers and the media, the National Mango Board has launched a marketing campaign renaming the Ataulfo mango variety to “Honey.” Retailers and industry members are encouraged to use Honey as a more consumer-friendly name to help increase Ataulfo sales.

    The rebranding will not have any implications with USDA or PLU code requirements, though shippers are encouraged to use Honey on the PLU stickers to help consumers easily identify the variety. To help teach shoppers about this sweet-tasting mango, free Honey Point-of-Sales (POS) materials from the NMB will soon be available for retailers to order.

    Read the full release here and visit mango.org/retail for information about varieties and POS materials.