Mangos for the Holidays

    You’ll find no shortage of mangos this winter so be prepared to use mangos in some of the most delicious holiday recipes. We’re collecting the best ones right here. These recipes will bring cheer, laughter and a tropical twist to your gatherings.

    Mango Mustard Ham

    This recipe is a great update to your traditional ham. Honey and mango sweeten the ham, and Dijon mustard provides a tangy flavor for a delicious entrée.

    Spice and Ice

    If you’re looking for a new cocktail to try this winter, this is it. Sweet, spicy and flavorful – this drink will hit the spot. Be sure to make the spice blend for the rim, it’s the perfect addition.

    Dairy-Free Mango Scones

    This recipe is perfect for when family is over and coordinating breakfast is not going to happen. It is simple and an easy crowd pleaser. Whip this up the night before, and voila! Breakfast!

    Chipotle Mango Meatballs


    Cooking with mangos doesn’t always have to take work. This recipe is as simple as it gets and includes our favorite combination – sweet and spicy. You can have this recipe prepped in 10 minutes, so you won’t spend all night in the kitchen.

    Mango Holiday Dip

    This dip is a great surprise for adventurous guests. While the ingredients aren’t surprising, the blend of them is. The savory sweet flavors are sure to make guests reach for seconds.

    Tropical Eggnog

    Whoever thought of this combo is a genius. This recipe is the piña colada of winter – you just want to sit back, relax, and sip. Though be prepared, this recipe is for a houseful. But don’t worry, it’ll go fast.

    Chipotle Mango Cranberry Sauce

    Another illustration of sweet and spicy deliciousness. Mangos are arguably the best fruit to pair with savory and spicy elements and this cranberry sauce seriously helps the case.

    Mango Gluten Free Gingerbread Cake

    This looks like a cake, but tastes like holiday-goodness. Expect the “Ooooo-aaaahh” from guests when they see it, and the “whaaa, this is delicious” after tasting it.
    Head over to our recipe page for more delicious mango meals.



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